End Fittings and Preparation


The aerospace industry utilizes a dynamic and diverse family of fittings which require specialized and approved tooling and equipment.

Maynard has developed and increased its tooling catalogue and equipment for systems such as Hydraulic, Fuel, Pneumatic, Oxygen, Lubrication, etc. Maynard, Inc. can pressure test virtually every fitting/assembly up to 25K PSI.

Brand Names: Rynglok, Dynatube, Permaswage, DMC, DME, & Airdrome

MFRs: Hydraflow, Eaton, AeroQuip, Parker Stratoflex, PCC fluid fittings, Eaton, Gamah, Adel Wiggins, & Inflex

Permaswage, Lite and DME Fittings

Roller Swaged Fittings, Manual & Automatic

Compression Fittings, Manual and Automatic

Beading to Class A (Single and Double)

Elastomeric Swaged Fittings

Flaring (Single and Double)

Cryogenics (Shrink to Fit)

Induction/Torch Brazed Fittings

Rynglok Fittings




Welded Fittings (Manual and Orbital)





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Maynard, Inc. recognizes that quality and best value do not always result in the lowest price. This is why we strive for excellence, and to develop close ties with our customers, forming a mutually beneficial business relationship/partnership for our combined future success.

Looking for Something Else?

We can assist you in offering ideas for design improvements from the prototype phase all the way through final production. We can accept your drawings and models in most electronic formats.

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Established in 1982, Maynard, Inc. is a leading manufacturer located in Northwest Arkansas and South-Central Kansas, for aerospace and commercial fabricated and machined parts, and structures. We have over 250,000 square feet of DDTC registered ITAR controlled manufacturing space.

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